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From the miraculous and detailed hand of Fornasetti, combined with the skilled craftmanship and artistry of the Cole & Son design studio comes this enduring collection of fanciful wallpapers where time and brilliance have no bounds. Showcasing the intricacies and reoccurring curiosities of the artist’s fascination, the collection captures the wit, originality and boundless realm of Fornasetti’s visual language: from fantastical flying machines and mischievous monkeys, to classical architecture and the surreal appeal of everyday objects.

Delve into Fornasetti’s unique and dreamlike world, where elegance and irony are perfectly combined in timeless (Senza Tempo), authentic artworks.

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Discover the inspiration behind this timeless collection of Fornasetti designs, as seen through the eyes of the Cole & Son studio.


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Combined with the skilled craftsmanship and artistry of the Cole & Son design studio, comes this charming capsule collection of whimsical wallpapers set to inspire the imagination.

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Libreria expands upon one of the most iconic Fornasetti motifs of leather bound tomes with the addition of the collector’s ‘library’ of Objets d’art and glassware adorning its shelves. The jewel-like Rich Multi palette of emerald, sapphire and ruby creates a dazzling feast for the eyes, with subtle metallic gold highlights on book spines, glassware detailing, and each golden ornament for a rich and decadent wallcovering.

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