senza tempo image

“I chose this collection the way an author would choose his best stories. I compiled a timeless set of images in order to create an anthology intended to last forever.”


Cole & Son, together with Fornasetti, the luxury Italian design and decorative arts atelier, presents Senza Tempo, a timeless collection of 19 sophisticated wallpapers with dreamlike appeal.

Cole & Son pursues a proud passion and commitment for design excellence through its in-house design studio; where innovative, artistic design is founded upon a strong heritage of craftsmanship. These same values are shared by Fornasetti; the Milanese atelier utilising long-established artistic crafts and techniques to create exceptional, hand made pieces of furniture, accessories and porcelain showcasing the luxury design house’s unique visual language since the Fifties.

This, the fourth prestigious collaboration between the two brands captures the imaginative universe of Fornasetti in a set of atmospheric wallpapers embodying the “timeless” essence on which the Milanese atelier has built its very identity. Founder Piero Fornasetti said he did not believe “in eras and dates” and strenuously refused “labels” and categories, letting creativity flow freely beyond the boundaries of discipline and time.

Fornasetti’s artistic style and Cole & Son’s meticulous attention to detail combine in these magical set of wallpapers which perfectly blend elegance and irony to create enduringly aesthetic interiors with timeless appeal, or… Senza Tempo.


Fornasetti is an Italian luxury design atelier internationally renowned for its decorated furniture and home accessories. Founded in Milan in the fifties by the artist Piero Fornasetti, and now led by his son Barnaba, over the course of brand’s history Fornasetti has created its own sophisticated visual language.

The sign of a refined black line drives you into a unique and dreamlike world, full of imagination and irony for a timeless design. Fornasetti’s artistic techniques and artisanal production methods give life to outstanding object is unique and different, a piece of art.


Cole & Son has been creating original and exceptional wallcoverings since 1875. Founded by John Perry, Cole & Son was first established in the borough of Islington in North London, an area renowned for its artisanal production and hand block printing.

Today, the Cole & Son archive is a beautiful and inspiring chronicle of artistic styles and expressions spanning the 18th Century to modern day. Amongst these are some of the most important historic wallpaper designs in the world. With a passion and commitment for design excellence, the in-house design studio continues to create beautifully detailed wallcoverings and fabrics; combining colour and pattern to create unique, distinctive and inviting interiors.